Submission Guidelines

- Using form below, upload ONE document, no pictures, first 10 pages of a completed work,

  12pt, 1.5 spaced, followed by synopsis of 2 pages max. Name, title and contact email at top.

  Short introductory message in space below.

- Literary, i.e. stylistically polished

- Unpublished, although we may consider previously self-published.

- In non-fiction, use real names only with consent. 

- We will notify you within a month if, and only if, we wish to proceed. 

- Memoir (No sentimental or religious) and narrative non-fiction 50K-90K words.

- Literary fiction 70K-100K words. YA 40,000 - 80,000 words. No short story anthologies.

- No pure genre fiction but manuscripts with elements thereof considered.

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