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UK reviews are coming in!

The UK blog tour of A Young Lady's Miscellany organised by professional reviewer Anne Cater is now underway and, in addition, new reviews are appearing on Goodreads almost every day. Here are a few snippets from reviews so far:

'Roe has a real gift for observing and describing people.'

'I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, beautifully written'

'This is a gentle, charming and enjoyable read, full of the author’s ironic humour and curiosity about life and how mysterious it all was when she was young.'

'Roe has a dry wit which permeates the retelling of her life's experiences and had me laughing out loud.'

'Spritely and resourceful and rich in engaging characters - it has moments of considerable pathos and poignancy too.'

There was recently a competition on Goodreads to win ten paperbacks of A Young Lady's Miscellany which almost two thousand people entered so we're certain of the appeal of this special book!

In the US, Kelley and Hall who advise Oprah Winfrey on her book club choices are currently sending out review copies to notable publications. Maybe they'll send it Oprah Winfrey's way too!

In these early stages, reviews are so important so if you are interested in reading and reviewing, we are interested in sending you a review copy! Send us a message through this website.

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