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Our first title finally released!

It's been a baptism by algorithims, a learning curve akin to an Olympic ski jump, but we've finally done it! Dogberry Books' first title is out there!

Here's the author's story of how the book came about...

Way back in Autumn 2019, we had an idea to start a website championing the style of memoir we most enjoyed: a short story structure peppered with humour and we called it, quite simply, Memoirist. To get the ball rolling, in September of 2019 I published my short story Disaster Girl about my troubled relationship with food as a child...numerous migraine-inducing allergies and complete confusion in school cookery classes probably because food made me nervous! I was basically living on peanut butter sandwiches and sherbet fountains for the first twelve years of my life. Miraculously, these allergies gradually faded by the time I reached adulthood. (I'd be really interested to hear about any childhood allergies you had in the comments section of the Disaster Girl story.)

Holed up over the pandemic, I decided to build on this short story and create a full length memoir based on my troubled adolescence in a gritty town in the north of England and continuing into my attempting to become a sensible grown up. It wasn't easy but I could often see the funny side then as much as I can now and I hope this is conveyed in my writing. A year later, after numerous drafts and ten brilliant beta readers, my memoir, A Young Lady's Miscellany has been published!

I hate to use the cliche 'A voyage of self discovery', but it was. Memoirs give us a fascinating insight into ourselves along with being one of the most interesting genres.

A Young Lady's Miscellany is now available on Amazon and will be in bookshops soon!

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