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Muzungu by Rod Madocks - Out Now!

Dogberry Books is pleased to present its latest title. We think it's so good that we've submitted it for the prestigious Baille Gifford Prize for non fiction.

Muzungu, currently free on Kindle Unlimited and also available in paperback.

Rod Madocks has poured his heart into this book and his skill in writing is sublime. We are honoured to publish him.

Reviews are much appreciated and will help this book reach a wider audience.

About the book...

Muzungu is a vivid memoir of growing up in a time and place it has become taboo to speak of — Rhodesia in the twilight of empire. An elegy upon a vanished life and people, it is a reflection upon a childhood mainly spent deep in the backcountry of what is now Zambia as the son of an adventurous British official and his enigmatic wife. It is a story of being raised by and among black Africans, the best of whom are the people you admire most in the world, only to be shipped off to boarding school in England. Muzungu, slang for a white person across swathes of Africa, is said to mean ‘a wanderer’ who strays over the land without purpose, or one who 'spins around' as if bewildered. This poetic memoir charts a struggle to transcend that condition and find one's own way at last through writing.
Author Rod Madocks

Rod Madocks is a Nottingham-based writer. Published works: ‘Our Tan: Memoir of a Destroyed Life’ by Shoestring Press: a lament for the loss of a young woman and a savage critique of the institutions that failed her, the novel 'No Way To Say Goodbye', a book of short stories about his career as a forensic specialist in maximum security hospitals, 'Ship of Fools' , the crime novel Babbicam and The Rising Flame a memoir about the WW2 poet, Sidney Keyes.

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