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Libraries Forever!

Dogberry Ltd. announce it will be supporting libraries as its main charitable cause. Every time we publish a book, we will donate hardback editions to the library of any town that features in the book. If all places in the book are fictitious, then we will gift hardback editions to the library in the author's home town.

Libraries are more than cosy rooms lined with bookshelves and furnished with reading nooks, they are meeting places and lifesavers for unemployed and lonely people as well as being the first place many children realise the joy of reading. They are also an essential resource for most people who find it hard to fund their love of reading, such as my friend's gran who used to get a bag full of Mills and Boon every month which she enjoyed in her living room in her armchair front of the fire. So many communities have rallied round and saved their library, recognising its value more than the local councils.

At Dogberry Ltd. we are proud to do our little bit for this cause close to our hearts.

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