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Holidaying with Furry Friends
Rufus en route

One of our authors is the featured author in this week's Memoirist with her post The Senior Dogs' Saga Holiday . In the post, Auriel Roe describes her ambitious journey across three countries in a bid to tick off as many bucket list items for her senior dogs as possible, from going to the beach for the first time to eating French cheeses. Not everything goes to plan, however. The efforts to smuggle Rufus into a care home, for example, are all for nothing...

'Dogs aren’t normally allowed in senior care facilities but thanks to my cunning plan of sending off for a leash emblazoned with the words ‘Assistance Dog’, doors otherwise closed were opened for Rufus and me, no questions asked. It was supposed to be a heartfelt reunion as my father had lived in our house in Spain for more than a year and Rufus had taken a great shine to him, jumping onto his lap with a familiarity she had never demonstrated toward anyone else, myself included. Old age had taken its toll on memories though and neither of them could remember the other any longer.'

Memoirist produces excellent short literary memoirs. We have teamed up with the creators to find authors of quality who have written full length literary memoirs.

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