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Cover reveal for one of our first titles!

Out in April 2021!

'A magical transformation of memory's rags and patches into a coherent story: a wonderful account, perhaps the best I've ever read, of a female coming into her own.' Tony Connor, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature

What's a girl of fourteen to do when she finds herself alone in the world with no one to guide her? Why, follow the Victorian self-help guide, 'A Young Lady's Miscellany', of course! The trouble is, the advice it offers proves less than helpful in a contemporary context. Muddling through, often with disastrous results, she finds a friend in her recently widowed grandmother, the door to whose small house is always open. Inept at any job she is able to get and pursued by a slew of unsuitable suitors, she must instead spend a decade navigating her own miscellany in order to come of age.

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